Climate change effects to impact Uganda in the next 30-50 yrs – Experts

Experts warn that in the next 30- 50 years many communities in Uganda are bound to be subjected to massive famine, destruction of property, loss of livelihoods among other disasters if no action is taken to mitigate impacts of climate change.

Opposition names shadow cabinet

The opposition in parliament names a shadow cabinet which has 30 members and also designated the leadership of all accountability committees in parliament.

MPs demand for funeral allowances

Members of parliament are demanding for more allowances including funds to attend to funerals of their relatives.

Uganda’s fish production continues to decline- study

A new study indicates that Uganda’s fish production and stocks continue to decline mainly tilapia and Nile perch putting in question sustainability and future of the country’s fisheries sub sector.

M7 cautions new cabinet against corruption

President Yoweri Museveni cautions the new Cabinet Ministers against corruption and delays in making decisions.