Investigations into alleged torture of Bundibugyo victims starts

Government says investigations have started into alleged torture by UPDF officers and other armed personnel in light of the recent tensions in Bundibugyo.

Convict Uwera Nsenga-state

Government Lawyers prosecuting Jackie Uwera Nsenga for the alleged murder of her Husband Juvenal Nsenga, have asked the High court to find her guilty and convict her, saying there is more than sufficient evidence proving that she maliciously knocked dead her husband.

URA to up to the task this year

Despite failing to hit the revenue collection target by 500 billion shillings last financial year Uganda Revenue Authority is hopefully it will be up to the task this year.

MUK lecturers to receive pay

Makerere University Management resolves to start paying the university staff their allowances for the last three months.

MPs push for extension of ID registration

Members of Parliament are pushing for the extension of the national ID registration exercise to allow many unregistered Ugandans have their data captured.