Government urged to prioritize Kalar-Azar treatment-

Medical practitioners in the fight against Kala-azar cite the need for training of more medical personel in its handling and treatment.

Boys experiencing physical violence than girls – report

Findings of the first ever national Violence against Children report indicate that boys have experienced more physical violence with 4 out of 10 boys experiencing violence compared to girls where 3 out of 10.

Govt to crackdown on contractors who flout the building code

State minister for relief and disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru renews the demand for contractors of buildings to install lightening arresters on buildings to avert deaths.

African govt at high risk of cyber attacks – Experts

African Governments are being urged to develop comprehensive systems to protect business and personal data in light of increasing cyber-crimes.

Germany rejects Uganda’s sim sim

Over 18 metric tons of Sim sim which was being exported from Uganda to Germany have been rejected after being found to contain traces of salomonella pathogens.