Govt bans city vending

Government has banned all vending activities in the city advising vendors to relocate to several markets round Kampala which it says still have vacant stalls.

School director arrested over UCE fees

Police in Kakumiro have arrested a school director for allegedly receiving money by false pretense from senior for students to register for UCE examinations.

Girls less likely to finish school – UN

Girls are less likely than boys to complete schooling and more likely to face forced marriage, child labor, female genital mutilation and other undermining practices.

Police to continue monitoring Besigye

Police insists that they will closely monitor FDC’s former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye’s movement until he stops his defiance campaign.

Uganda gets cooperative insurance

The cooperative movement in Uganda has finally gotten a specialized insurance company, with stakeholders upbeat about strengthening of the members and safety of finances.