Wakiso properties most highly valued

Residential real estate prices register a slow growth of 1.6% in the 1st quarter of the 2018/19 financial year.

Govt issues land titles to women occupying customary land

Government starts issuing land titles to women in areas with customary land so as improve access to land for women.

Horn of Africa states for increased funding against conflict

Member states of the Inter-governmental Authority on Development, IGAD, meet in Uganda to share experiences with EU with a call for more funding to be in position to manage the increasing conflicts in the region. According to the IGAD Coordinator mediation support Unit Dr. Garang Aleu says that despite the

Women movements intensify campaign against violence

The women movement in Uganda has continued to amplify the need for various stakeholders to support the struggle to fight violence against women in the country which they say is instead increasing.

Youth now reaping big from conserving the environment

Plastics pose a big harm to the environment, the most common in Uganda , clogging drainage  and water channels, consequently leading to over flooding in the some parts of the country.