Youth want BOU officials under investigations step aside

A group of youths support a move to carry out a forensic audit in the Central Bank but want all those whose offices are under investigations to step aside.

This follows a decision by the parliamentary committee on Commissions, Statutory and State Enterprises to authorize a forensic audit into the central bank to establish how it has handled liquidation of banks that collapsed amidst allegations that there was connivance among Bank of Uganda staff who have gained from the collapse of the Bank

The audit will focus more on the supervision department led by embattled executive director Justine Bagyenda who was sacked by the Governor bank of Uganda but forced bank into office by the Inspectorate of Government

The youths under an organization known as Youth Research Power-Uganda say that constant reports about alleged mismanagement of the financial sector by Bank of Uganda are a threat to the Ugandan Economy

Their team leader Ben Ssebuguzi also wonders why the Ugandan Government has failed to put in place a policy to salvage banks that are at risk like other Governments have done.

April 03 2018