If there was a job you’d rather be doing, what would it be? 
I would rather be a CEO of my own conglomerate. I believe in power, calling the shots, making the difference. Oh and taking the fall when I make the wrong calls.
In your other life you are a……. 
I am an Entrepreneur doing my best to turn as many of my ideas into profitable ventures. Currently I manage ZIGI FOODS (a catering service) with my mum.
In the animal kingdom you would be a…….
In the animal kingdom I would be an African elephant, the world’s most powerful animal.
Movies or books?
Movies definitely unless its a self help book
Friends or family?
Friends or family i guess its a little of both
Family or career?
For me its career. With that you are in control
Soccer or movies?
neither. rugby instead
Candlelit dinner with a loved one or a rowdy night with the boys?
candle lit dinner  for me I am not a rowdy night person
TV program that you will not miss, no matter what:
entrepreneurs that built america, when it used to run. I downloaded it and still watch it, but now its chopped on food network.
Home food or eat out?
Home food. I like to cook.
What’s the worst/most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?
It was back in school when I was head prefect. the teacher on duty asked me to let go of two students that had been brought to my office since their classmates were threatening to riot and i told him I was not going to and locked him out of my office.
Things I’ve learned from life:
Power is much greater than money respect and any thing in that line. It commands them all. If i can the it, i definitely can do it what ever it is. There is a GOD and he loves me.
Where in this world you most want to visit:
I want to visit the Tesla car factory am in love with the electric car idea and i want to invest in it my self.
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
JP. Morgan i so we can talk about investment.
3 Favorite words:
Favorite words never thought about it but i guess investment, possibility and power
What you love/hate the most about yourself?
I love that when i believe in something nothing can stop me. i hate that sometimes am too empathetic
Almost perfect woman…
perfect woman one that is is averagely beautiful, very intelligent and God fearingSomething no one knows about you…
Something no one knows about you…
No one knows that i love reptiles.