UN special envoy wants EAC govts to reduce road carnage

The UN Special envoy for Road Safety Jean Todt says the government of Uganda should fast track national wide coverage of vehicle inspection to reduce carnage on roads.

Statistics by the UN indicate that at least 10 people die every day in Uganda due to road accidents.

This puts Uganda among countries with the highest road traffic accidents in the world

Officiating at the East African symposium on trauma and injuries in East Africa, Todt said the vehicle inspection program should be increased from the current seven to ensure vehicles across the country meet the required standards.

He also stresses that the national curriculum for drivers training should be strengthened.

In an interview with journalists on the sidelines of the symposium, Dr. Olive Kobusingye of Makerere University School of public health also an accident and emergency surgeon revealed that the failed emergency medical services have led to death of several victims of accidents in the country.

Dr. Kobusingye notes that facilities along the highways do not have emergency departments, are understaffed and lack equipment and personnel.

She calls for sufficient investment and resources to put in place emergency services to cater for people injured in accidents.

Story by

Wycliffe Sebunya

March 02 2018