Uganda losing out on lucrative market for desert bananas – Agriculturalists

Agricultural scientists recommend that Ugandan farmers should adopt growing of desert bananas saying they are the most sought after bananas on the international market.

These include, i.e Grace Michele , locally known as bogoya and apple bananas, locally known as sukari ndizi.

Head of Banana research team at the National Agricultural Research Organisation Jerome Kubiribwa however says desert bananas are getting extinct due to the fisarium wilt which attacks them.

It is against this background that the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture with support from the European Union are conducting a Microbial Uptakes for Sustainable Management of major banana pests and diseases project (MUSA 2020) to discuss how to control pests and diseases among such bananas.

According to the 2003 statistics of the Food and Agricultural Organisation, Uganda is ranked 23rd in production of desert banana and 38th trade .

Kubiribwa notes that a number of factors have constrained the country from doing well on the international dessert bananas market with diseases and pests high among such factors

He says once the fisarium wilt attacks a banana plantation it remain in the soils for over 20 years, hence the need to find solutions to such diseases.

Story by

Wycliffe Sebunya

April 02 2018