Uganda fails to comply with global environmental agreements – Report

Uganda has failed to comply with global environmental agreements it has ratified , according to a recently conducted assessment.

Uganda has ratified to 150 multi lateral environmental agreements, key among them Convention on international trade in endangered pieces of wildlife, flora and fauna, convention on bio diversity, convention on migration of species and the Ramsar convention among several others

The assessment commissioned by the Environment Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility with support from environment body NEMA indicates that government has failed to enforce and effectiveness of the agreements it ratified

Making a presentation during a dialogue on environmental governance at Mosa Courts, a researcher with Green Watch Samantha Atukunda point out limited stakeholder engagement, lack of co-ordination , meager financial resources at the national and local level among others as the challenges faced in implementing environmental agreements.

Atukunda notes that government has always been fast to sign international accords but implementation is wanting.

In an interview, EMILI- Executive Director Robert Bakiika notes that environmentalists are limited by resources to advocate for maintaining of the environment.

Bakiika says the components of international agreements include participation, monitoring and verification.

He says government has failed in the monitoring and verification component largely because got has appended signatures on so many multi lateral environmental agreements.

Story by

Wycliffe Sebunya

April 25 2018