Two men of Asian origin remanded, 20 rioters arrested over dead boy in Lira

Two men accused of killing a child in Kole District on November 9, 2018 have been remanded to Soroti Prison.

The suspects identified as Madmay Gaga, 22, and Vayas Fravay, 27, appeared before Lira Grade One Magistrate, Mr Igha Adiro, who read the charges and remanded them to prison until December 3 when they will reappear in court to take plea.

The two were arrested on November 9 and detained at Kole Central Police station following the death of Dickens Okello, a Primary Three pupil of Alito Primary School in Kole District.

Okello was found dead near the school premises at around 4pm on November 9 when the pupils were going back home from school.

It is reported that the deceased was on his way back home with his friends when the two men (both of Asian descent) who were driving a white Ipsum started luring them with biscuits.

An eye witness said the suspects further lured the children with Shs2, 000, but when they refused and started running away, the suspects ran after them, pounced on Okello and strangled him.

After the incident, the two suspects sped off but were immediately arrested by the residents and later handed over to Police.

A charge of murder has been read to them.

The Police reports that more than 20 suspects who caused chaos that attacked Asians plus their property and shops at Lira have been arrested and waiting to be taken to court for malicious damage to property incitement.

This comes after mourners who had gone for the burial of an 11 year old student Dickens Okello at Kole went and attacked Indians blaming them for the death of the boy, while others claimed that he was sacrificed by the 2 Indians who are in detention at Lira police ending up causing chaos.

Speaking to Radio One, the police spokesperson Emirian Kayima says that the suspects arrested , who are mourners are to be taken to court for , while the alleged prime suspects ; The Indians are to be taken to court today for Murder.

He adds that the situation is calm , but have given the required security to all members of the public in Lira and Kole to see that no more violence erupts.