Transitioning into community health insurance


Heath advocates further reiterate the need for public private partnerships in fostering Universal Heath Coverage.

This follows a partnership with district local governments and The USAID Uganda Voucher Plus Activity, that seeks to build the capacity of health workers and managers to implement Community Health Insurance (CHI)schemes. This includes engaging the voucher service providers (VSPs) in advocacy dialogues and leading training workshops to enable them develop CHI schemes and promote their schemes within communities. To generate demand, the VSPs have led advocacy and mobilization campaigns for district and community engagement.

“As the overall seer of the activities in the district, I mobilized members of the executive through the chairperson LC5, and sold the innovative idea of CHIs. They all embraced it, including the Chief Administrative Officer who is also actively involved in mobilizing the community. Voucher Plus has worked closely with the district since inception, which has enabled us to take active part in this transition plan. Community members have gained more confidence in CHIs because we have taken a lead in promoting it as a great way of protecting families from catastrophic health expenditures. CHI is a great way of ensuring that our people are able to equitably access quality health care services as per their needs, and without facing financial hardships.” Dr. Tonny Odong, District Health Officer, Alebtong district.

“When community members come together to save for health, the cost of health care reduces. If Sironko district can implement the approach Voucher Plus is passing on to us, we will have sustained health for everyone.” Doreen Nambafu, Sironko Town Clerk.

Story by

Leah Kahunde