Tortured Journalist stranded in hospital

A Journalist Andrew Lwanga who was tortured by former Old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye remains stranded at Nsambya Hospital after he was discharged but lacks money to clear his medical bills.

Mwesigye who was briefly charged at Buganda Road Magistrate court with assault and malicious damage of cameras is out on bail while Lwanga has been bed ridden for two weeks.

Police boss Kale Kayihura had made a commitment to protesting journalists that the police institution would cover the victim’s medical bills and pay reasonable compensation.

Lwanga tells Radio One that once Police Authorities clear his medical and other attendant bills amounting to 4million, he will leave the hospital and receive further treatment from home.

 Meanwhile a Journalists Rights body Human Rights Network for Journalists Coordinator Robert Ssempala says Police reneging on a commitment to pay Lwanga’s bills is an act of recklessness warning that it further puts emotional stress on the patient.

He insists however that in the long run there must be justice by successfully prosecuting Joram Mwesigye in court.

Story by

Ronald Muhinda

January 29 2015