Teso parliamentary group decries high insecurity in the region

Members of parliament from Teso sub region under their umbrella group Teso parliamentary group decry the increasing level of insecurity in the region at the police’s watch.

Addressing a news conference at parliament, the group led by their chairperson also Serere County Mp Bishop Patrick Okabe, the publicity secretary also Ngora county Mp David Abala and Kibale county Mp Lieutenant Richard Oseku say that many businessmen, boda boda riders have been killed on top of car and animal robberies especially in soroti municipality.

The group wants the inspector General of police General of Police Gen.Edward Kale Kayihura to go to Teso sub- region and withdraw some Regional Police Commanders and individual police officers whom they accuse of conniving with criminals to terrorize residents.

These claim that in some cases, some police officers coach criminals on how to make statements at police stations when arrested which complicates investigations.

February 26 2018