Suppliers providers to state house paid a billion duplicate payments

Members of Parliament on the Public Accounts Committee are baffled after learning that a systems fault at the ministry of finance caused duplicate payments to suppliers of goods and services to State house.

MPs discovered from the State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe that the accounting system duplicated payment files totaling to over one billion shillings among which were salaries to statehouse staff amounting to 39m shs.

The committee chaired by Nandala Mafabi came cross this anomaly while quizzing Nakyobe on why a total of 66m shs was collected by her entity in the financial year and recorded as Non tax revenue.

Nakyobe revealed that 39mshs was recovered from staff who had been overpaid by the error. The staff had gone ahead to withdraw the money and ministry of finance obligated statehouse to recover it from its employees.

MPs also learnt that a number of entities that do business with statehouse like Sheraton and Sanlam also received double payments.