Students loan scheme to be extended to technical institutions

The ministry of education says the Higher Education Student Loan scheme will be extended to technical and health training institutions in order to allow other under privileged students to benefit.

The scheme was this financial year restricted to only university students offering science subjects but according to the minister of Education and Sports, the scheme will be open to students in technical training schools and to schools training health workers.

This during a meeting with the parliamentary committee on science and technology to discuss efforts by Government to strengthen the teaching of science disciplines.

Under the scheme students can apply through the board managing the scheme to get money for tuition which they can then pay back one year after graduating.

Alupo reported to the committee that out of the 1,683 students who applied for the loan this financial year 1,325 were approved representing 78.7%. Out of these 77.5% were male and only 22% were female an indicating that there is a huge gender disparity.

The committee members were concerned about this matter prompting Alupo to promise that affirmative action will be taken in the next financial year.

Story by

Kenneth Lukwago

February 24 2015