Shoe-bill on the verge of extinction in Teso

Conservationists warn that the bird species known as the shoe-bill is on the verge of extinction and consequently have a negative impact on the country’s tourism sector.

Uganda is one of Africa’s top birder’s destination due its wide range of bird species which attract tourists

In Teso sub region, the shoe bill around the shoes of Lake Bisina and Opeta. It was recently cited in Katine swamps in Soroti and Orungo Sub County in Amuria district.

The executive director Conserve Uganda Charles Ichogor notes with concern that these birds habitat has been tampered with by fishermen and other human activities hence forcing the birds to relocate

Ichogor therefore calls upon the local governments to jointly work with the developmental partners to accord these birds a high conservation status because it’s a source of revenue to the country.

06 August 2018

Story by

Alomu Delux