Screen NGOs that offer scholarships to students

Head teachers cite the need for thorough screening of NGOs and individuals whom they claim disguise in extending scholarships to students especially the vulnerable and end up conning them of their money.

Head teachers from 108 schools that have students on the Master card Foundation scholarship program says that it is argue that due to the increasing number of vulnerable students in the country these NGOs take advantage and exploit them of the little they have at hand.

Together they demand that government should intervene in helping out these children that are a cause of problems.

Meanwhile the Manager Scholarship program Brac Uganda Hellen Nalumenya notes that as they go down to the villages soliciting for the vulnerable children to benefit from the Master card Foundation scholarship program they came found out that there are many vulnerable children that need help despite that UPE and USE in place.

Story by

Eva Namugabi

August 22 2015