Road crashes kill 7000 people annually- Research

Research by the Makerere University School of Public Health on road safety indicates that up to 7000 people die every year in Uganda due to road traffic crashes, higher than the 3500 that police reports

The study aimed at estimating the burden of road traffic crashes in Uganda using police and health sector data sources used a digitised data collection tool to extract crash and injury information from files in 32 police stations, 31 health facilities and 4 mortuaries in Uganda.

It estimated crash and injury burden using weights generated as inverse of the product of the probabilities of selection of police regions and stations.

Results estimated that 25729 crashes occurred on Ugandan roads in 2016, involving 59077 individuals with 7558 fatalities. This is more than twice the number of fatalities reported by the police for 2016 (3502) but lower than the estimate from the 2018 Global Status Report (12 036).

Pedestrians accounted for the greatest proportion of the fatalities 2455 (32.5%), followed by motorcyclists 1357 (18%) while majority of the accidents are men who make up 75%

It concluded that using both police and health sector data gives more robust estimates for the road traffic burden in Uganda than using either source alone.

Ms. Esther Bayiga, a researcher at Makerere University School of Public Health says it’s against this background that government with partners Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative for Global Road Safety are working out an electronic system of collecting road safety data

This during the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims at Uganda Youth Primary School Mbuya.