Reducing youth dependency key in attaining middle income status – popn Experts

The National Population Council is currently drafting a multi sectoral roadmap for government to harness the demographic dividend.

In an interview with Radio One during the 2nd Public Health Youth Symposium at Hotel Africana, Senior Programs Officer National Population Council Hope Nzeyire said the roadmap seeks to shift the country’s youth from being dependent to becoming more productive.

Nzeyire notes that this will help the country meet its aspiration of attaining a middle income status.

She emphasizes that investing into the youth leads to relevant progress in harnessing the demographic dividend through youth engagement , inclusion and representation politically, socially and politically.

The Team leader Public Health Ambassadors Uganda Patrick Ssegawa told Radio One that government  should prioritize investing in youth to address challenges of unemployment, high teenage pregnancies and inadequate access to services.

Ssegawa says youth empowerment should be greatly considered to help boost their economic productive