Police calm Ugandans over ‘missing guns’


The Uganda police refute claims made in today’s print media that there are 4,000 guns missing in Police and CMI and ISO are investigating the force’s classified stores, saying that it is a hoax and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.


In a statement issued by the police spokesperson Senior Superintendent of Police Emirian Kayima says that there are no investigations whatsoever in as far as the procurement of the police aircraft is concerned.


The statement however says that the Inspector General of Police John Martin Okoth Ochora sanctioned a gun audit whose findings are yet to be submitted, discussed and shared with the parties that must share them.


Kayima adds with an advice to the New Vision to retract the story, corrects the impression created and seek for a clear position from the right and credible source instead of giving biased reporting which has grave security implications.