People with Disabilities want increased budgetary allocations

People with disabilities are concerned with the huge budget cuts by government in the 2017/2018 National Budget which they say will affect service delivery to persons with disabilities.

They are now calling for special guidelines in terms of allocating government funds and other resources to better facilitate equitable allocation to have inclusive development to all Ugandans.

National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda Executive Director, Edson Ngirabakunzi said though government is promoting free primary and secondary education, but the special needs children are not adequately catered for.

He says budgetary allocation to special needs education was reduced dramatically from UGX. 1.087 billion in the FY2016/17 to UGX. 0.78 million in the FY 2017/18.

 Under social protection for vulnerable groups under ministry of gender, labour and social development the budget was equally reduced from UGX.97.82Bn FY 2016/17 to UGX. 81.55Bn FY2017/18.

The representatives are concerned with this continued discrimination against them saying this will not see them transform in live noting that government has also violated the international protocols which compels them to support.

In uganda’s last population census statistics indicate that PWDs have 12% of the country’s population which needs to be catered for.