Parliament wants govt to operationalize contigency fund

Parliament tasks the Ministry of Finance to quickly operationalize the contingency fund to cater for emergencies.

Land probe summons special presidential assistant

The Land Probe Commission has issued Criminal Summons to a Special Presidential Assistant for Under Privilleged Youth, Resty Kiguli Nakayenga, to appear before it not later than Thursday this week, to testify as a witness in connection to the Estate of the late Albert Mackay Kalula Mukasa.

Parliament honours medal winners at the commonwealth

Parliament passes a motion to honor the five Ugandan medalists for raising the country’s flag high at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Uganda to enact laws that harmonize sharing L. Victoria waters

Uganda is planning to draft a law about harmonized sharing of Lake Victoria and River Nile waters with its neighbors to avoid disagreements

UBA joins Bancassurance to distribute insurance products

  The Insurance Regulatory Authority expresses hope that soon the cost of insurance will fall as more commercial banks join the Bancassurance services where banks act as outlets for insurance products. The Director for Operations Bernard Obel says insunance services can now be got from over 250 new outlets, provided