Silencing politicians is dictatorial – opposition

The opposition politicians say the move by government to silence religious leaders from speaking out on the presidential age limit exhibit the dictatorial tendency of the NRM regime.

Intern doctors vote to lay down their tools

Intern doctors across government facilities vote to lay down their tools and withdraw emergency services in response to threats from the ministry of health to have them suspended.

Uganda produces 2.1 million tons of charcoal annually – report

A new survey indicates that Uganda produces a total of 2.1 million tons of charcoal annually, implying that over 80,000 hectares of forests are lost.

Doctors to resume talks with govt

Doctors are set to resume negotiations with the government to resolve the current stalemate that has led to industrial action which has paralyzed the health sector.

Sugarcane farmers in Busoga call off strike

Sugar factories in Busoga region finally bow to pressure by sugarcane farmers and suppliers, resolving to review the current prices of sugarcane.