African leaders warned against stretching pple to the limit

Failure to uphold democratic principles , respect to the constitution and amicably resolve election disputes have been singled out as the main causes of the fall of great African leaders.

Two paint companies in court over trade mark & packaging features

Two paint manufacturing companies are before court over a trade mark and similar packaging features.

Govt says it is addressing money laundering

The Financial Intelligence Authority says it has taken all steps to address money laundering in the country and that it’s also scrutinizing declaration of wealth records of all public officials presented to the Inspectorate of Government.

Kasaijja calls for equity in remuneration of public servants

Finance Minister Matia Kasiajja calls for equity as far as remuneration of public servants is concerned.

Environmentalists call allocation of more funds to climate change

Activists on climate change issues want government bodies to prioritize gender equity when allocating resources towards the climate change program.