Thousands turn up for SDA church corporate prayers

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Uganda calls for upholding of human rights and leaders respecting views and opinions of their subjects.

Nurses & midwives vow to go ahead with strike

Nurses and midwives vow to go ahead with their industrial action tomorrow should government fail to heed to their demand of improving their salaries and allowances.

10,000 people stuck on remand due to prosecutor’s strike

A total of 10,000 people are currently stuck on remand following a strike by public prosecutors

Rule of law in Uganda on the decline – ULS

The Uganda Law Society is concerned that the rule of law in Uganda continues to decline warning that this holds back development of the country and affects the quality of life for Ugandans.

Joint Medical Stores to start manufacturing drugs

More private sector players are showing interest in joining the manufacture of drugs to ensure more affordable clinical and pharmaceutical products on the Ugandan market.