Women movements intensify campaign against violence

The women movement in Uganda has continued to amplify the need for various stakeholders to support the struggle to fight violence against women in the country which they say is instead increasing.

Youth now reaping big from conserving the environment

Plastics pose a big harm to the environment, the most common in Uganda , clogging drainage  and water channels, consequently leading to over flooding in the some parts of the country.

Govt &partners campaign for clean& efficient cooking methods

Government and partners push for use of clean and efficient cooking technologies to reduce health risks associated with conventional methods and cutting down of trees for firewood.

High costs hampers education, survey

By Nebert Rugadya High costs of education is the main reason why many school-age children are not in school, while a bigger number are in schools that they would not prefer if they had the resources, according to a survey. About 10 million children are in school, from primary to

Retailers illegally over pricing malaria drug

By Leah Kahunde Government sets up a committee to monitor and regulate the price of Coartem, a malarial drug in the market.