‘Peace starts in the Home’

As the world celebrates the international Peace day, players in the sector in Uganda want peace to originate from homes with teaching the young people the need for peace in their communities. The celebrations held at Uganda Wild Education Centre with theme “The right to peace” focused on the convergence

The rich-poor gap; Ugandans think the poor are lazy

Ugandans are experiencing a widening gap between the rich and the poor as the economy gets more diversified. While inequality in society is inevitable, it also draws mixed reactions as to whether it is an incentive or a disincentive to growth and development. In an introductory remark to their research

National Dialogue Plan in High Gear

Organizers of the National Dialogue plan are to meet over the conditions put forward by the oppositions for them to participate in the National Dialogue In a joint statement issued by the different opposition parties during their presser, they put forward seven issues that they demand the organizers of this

Museveni commissions city security cameras

President Museveni warns criminals who that their days are now numbered following the installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in the some parts of Kampala city Museveni says that recently, criminals have used gaps in the security system and brutalize Ugandans citing the recent killings on prominent persons in

Indian bank gives UDB 20 billion to lend to SMEs

The Export – Import Bank of India approves line of credit worth 5 million dollars or 20 billion shillings to Uganda Development Bank, to help small and medium enterprises that need to import from India. The funds give UDB more capacity for medium and long term development financing towards trade,