Over 30 MPs want Kadaga to apologize over mess in parliament

A group of 30 Mps under the newly formed Parliamentary Forum on Constitutional Supremacy demand a public apology from the Speaker of parliament over the chaotic scenes that happened in parliament last week.

The forum led by Aswa County MP Reagan Okumu, Otuke woman MP Sylvia Akello and Maracha East MP James Acidiri  accuse the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga of conspiring and allowing the army invade parliament.

They also want Kadaga to spearhead the process of reconciling and stabilizing parliament by engaging all the stakeholders.

They say that there were violations of the rules of procedures and privileges of the MPs who were suspended for the next three plenary sittings with some arrested from the chambers, tortured and manhandled.

Story by

Godfrey Ssali

October 04 2017