Our Team

Ronnie Mutebi

Production Executive

RonnieRonnie Mutebi, or Pastor, as he is referred to is one of our production executives.
In his other life, he is a fisher of men (and women!), ministering as a Christian Pastor.

    Olive Nakiyemba

    Production Executive

    OliveOlive is a woman of many talents. Apart from winning Uganda's first ever Battle of the Producers, she owns her own clothes line O'lee Branch and is passionate about fitness.
    Other than radio production, she also produces music and has worked with some renowned artistes likes  Enygma, The Good Fellas and Ruyonga . She also produced some of her own music including the critically acclaimed  “Natural Selection”.

    Uganda urged to set up debt management committee

    The African Forum on Debt management says the government of Uganda should  establish a Public Debt Committee to help address the country’s worrying debt.

    This follows global financial reports putting Sub Saharan Africa at risk of debt distress, with 57% of its GDP in Public   debt, according   to International Monetary Fund.

    Uganda’s public  debt is  expected  to  raise to 50.7%  by  2022,  with the current debt  burden  standing at 44 trillion

    The Forum's Policy analyst Tirivangani  Mutazu says developing economies should apply caution and  technical guidance on taking loans, seen to drag the continent into economic Colonialism.

    Addressing the media after   meeting the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee,  Matazu  said  the Chatter  already adopted  by  many Countries seeks   to ensure  accountability, adequate  debt legal frameworks, and  technical  guidance.

    Uganda  Debt Network’s  Programs Manager  Imelda  Namagga   tells reporters  that  through the  committee of   experts and  public  finance  stakeholders ,  accountability and  caution  may be  realized  before a loan  is  approved .