Nutrition: more than half of the world’s killer diseases can be prevented.

Stakeholders in the food and Nutrition industry challenge the government to introduce proper infrastructure along the agriculture value chain to curb food wastage.

It’s estimated that 30 percent of the food produced is lost along the chain.

Former African Union Commissioner for Agriculture Rhoda Tumusiime cites the food lost at the farm, when drying, at the stores and even the market, which she says are the reasons why there is seasonal hunger in parts of the country and the world.

She was speaking at the African launch of a brief by the Global Panel of Agriculture, Food Systems and Nutrition, which shows that malnutrition and poor feeding are responsible for most of the deaths.

Minister for General Duties in the Prime Minister’s Office Mary Karooro Okurut called for the use of Radio as the main medium of mass sensitisation if the messages are to be taken.

SHE also dismissed fears of political interference in the fight against poor standards in the food sector as stated by a Makerere University don, saying instead that Ugandans have actually voiced their concerns many times and drawn government response.

Keynote speaker, Prof Patrick Webb from Tufts University in Massachusetts says when countries are putting in place policies to increase agricultural output, equal measure resources should be used on preventing losses.

On her part, the Minister for Northern Uganda Grace Kwiyucwiny expressed concern that under nutrition in children does not only affect their mental and physical growth but also the academics. She urged parents and school communities to work together to ensure children at school have adequate nutrition.