National Dialogue Plan in High Gear

Organizers of the National Dialogue plan are to meet over the conditions put forward by the oppositions for them to participate in the National Dialogue

In a joint statement issued by the different opposition parties during their presser, they put forward seven issues that they demand the organizers of this dialogue to first harmonize before they think of this long awaited meeting.

Among these are an agenda, composition of participants, modalities for convening and facilitation, assurance for the implementation of the outcome among others

Doctor Maggie Kigozi a member of the elder’s forum notes that the issues raised by members of the opposition are more less the same as those they gathered from the public during their countrywide consultation and as such, they will meet to resolve the remaining areas of contention

She also mentions their areas of concern that they expect to front during this dialogue referring to them as key if they are to archieve the main objective of the Dialogue

However they are looking forward to asking for a parliamentary periodic budgetary allocation towards the initiative and other unconditional funders but not government