Museveni commissions city security cameras

President Museveni warns criminals who that their days are now numbered following the installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in the some parts of Kampala city

Museveni says that recently, criminals have used gaps in the security system and brutalize Ugandans citing the recent killings on prominent persons in the country.

They include Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Joan Kagezi, Muslim clerics and the latest, former Buyende District Police Commander Muhamad Kirumira.

He hopes that as government starts implementation of the CCTV project, the criminality will reduce.

Museveni says that now with the system will help to trace criminals through unveiling their identity that will aide their investigations. He adds that the system will also expose the lazy police officers

The President was commissioning the CCTV cameras installed in the southern region of Kampala.