MPs who miss sittings risk having a salary reduction

The legal and parliamentary affairs committee wants the speaker of parliament to take tough measures against Mps who are dodging sittings of parliament proposing that this may include tagging their salaries on attendance

The committee is saddened by the decision by some Mps who intentionally abscond from duty without the authority of the speaker as provided for in the rules

The rules currently stipulate that a member who misses 15 consecutive sittings can lose his or her seat in parliament but the committee is suggesting that parliament can even consider holding back their emoluments

Tashobya says it’s disheartening that members are absent from the house

 The committee is also not happy about the failure by Government to deliver on its promise to deliver 64 bills by this time to parliament

Tashobya says as a result the house has no business to consider a justification for members to resort to tabling private members business

Story by

Kenneth Lukwago

May 15 2014