MPs Cry for Pay for Judges

By Kenneth Lukwago

The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament wants President Yoweri Museveni to fulfill his pledge to have salaries of judicial officers enhanced through the next budget.

The chairman of the committee Stephen Tashobya says that while the president has performed better in appointing more judges and other judicial officers there is need for him to ensure that they are better paid as he promised.

Tashobya was meeting the Budget committee of parliament to present their report about several sector budgets that are under the jurisdiction of the committee.

The budget committee members were also concerned about the poor performance of the judiciary wondering why the backlog of cases continues to accumulate.

They were also concerned about the lack of action against judicial officers perceived to be lazy and corrupt.

Tashobya insisted that the judiciary was making a lot of progress basing on the reports his committee received but added that there is need for resources to step up inspection and oversight over the judicial officers.