MPs accuse Minister of incompetence

Parliament directs the ministry of Water and Environment to produce the land title of Kinawataka wetland encroached upon by unknown people.

This after the house rejected a statement issued by the state minister in charge of Environment Flavia Munaaba who indicated that measures were being undertaken to evict those who encroached on the Wetland.

However Mps accused her of being incompetent for failing to stop construction and letting encroachers obtain land titles.

We captured views of Mps Margret Kiboijana, Stephen Ochola, Nathan Nandala Mafabi and Joy Ongom

The Mps now want those behind the encroachment identified and restore the wetlands on top of the relevant ministry canceling all the land titles issued by the ministry of lands

The speaker closed the debate on the matter directing that a title of the Wetland be brought to parliament on Thursday

Story by

Kenneth Lukwago

May 14 2014