Mengo Hospital cleared from reports of death

The Ministry of Health clears Mengo Hospital from reports of deaths at a Neurosurgical camp conducted at the Hospital late last year.

Reports came out that in November last year; Mengo Hospital organized a neurosurgical camp where 30 patients died after the surgery, with claimes that the doctors who conducted the surgeries were not qualified.

The Minister of State for Health in charge of General Duties Sarah Opendi says following the reports, the ministry directed the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Council to investigate the matter and provide a report immediately.

Addressing the media in Kampala about the matter , Opendi said the team found that all the health care workers involved in the neurosurgical camp were qualified and were duly registered by their respective regulatory councils adding that there was adequate preparation for the camp.

Minister Opendi notes however, that frequent entries and exits by the ICU team to and from theatre and numerous visitors to the ICU posed an Infection Prevention and Control challenge.

Story by

Vincent Kisiriko

February 07 2018