Medics warn: self-prescription causes resistant diseases

Health workers warn the public against self-prescription of drugs without instead of expert advice from health professionals, saying that this has resulted into complications like severe Malaria and hence avoidable death.

Speaking during the celebrations of the Malaria day at JEK Community Health Services in Busika, Luwero District, the Chief Executive Officer JEK Dr. Richard Muhindo said they decided to give out free services to the community by treating them from Malaria, in commemoration of the day.

They also gave out free mosquito nets among others after realizing the burden of malaria in the community in Busika.

Malaria is Uganda major killer disease accounting for close to 100,000 deaths per year.

Muhindo attributes this scenario of to the increasing poverty among the population, however advising the public not to take this as an excuse to avoid hospitals because it always turns out to be more expensive.

Some of the community members that turned up commended the services saying that on many occasions they fail to access health services due to lack of money and nearby public health services.

Story by Eve Namugabi