Mayiga opposes land commission on land tenure system

Buganda Premier Charles Peter  Mayiga  tells  the  Land commission of Inquiry  that the Breakdown in government land Management  institutions  is accountable  for the  current  land  Crisis across the country.

He  wants  the commission’s  attention to be driven to  the  Bureaucratic  land dispute  resolution mechanism  that  he says is frustrating   justice.

A delegation from Buganda Kingdom led by the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayigga has also requested that the Commission alleys fears that its sole purpose is to deprive the Kabaka and his subjects of his land.

Mayiga noted that whenever he goes to different parts of the country, his subjects demand to know why the Commission is intended to fuse the different types of ownership into one Land Tenure System.

This follows an interim report that the Commission presented to the President indicating that the Mailo Land System should be abolished.

Some of the recommendations the Kingdom gives is for its Project of issuing land titles be looked into because it enables occupants to get a land title and also gets protection of the law in a way that the registered owner ceases to interfere with ones rights

They propose that a special court that is entirely dedicated to handle land matters to their logical conclusion is put in place at district levels and should take 3-4months because very many people including the Buganda Kingdom are adversely affected by the land court process where cases are taking ages to be resolved.

Mayiga says a special tribunal would deal with the issue of corruption within the Judiciary, and Govt institutions that handle land matters.