Mao drags EC to court over Gulu municipality polls

Democratic Party President Nobert Mao drags Government and the Electoral Commission to the Constitutional court, seeking orders restraining the Electoral Commission from conducting Parliamentary elections for Gulu Municipality, after he was not nominated for the the upcoming elections.

Mao also wants the Constitutional court to declare that the actions by EC, to require him produce a National  Identification for nomination purposes, is unconstitutional  saying the Commission has no powers to retire an entire electoral register as its mandate is basically to compile, maintain and update the register.

Through three law firms led by Victoria Advocates and Legal Consultants, Mao argues that on 2nd/December/2015 the commission declined to nominate him for election as MP Gulu Municipality on grounds that he was not a registered voter.

However in his petition Mao refutes this and maintains that EC has illegally eliminated persons previously registered as voters from the voters register, on account that they did not register for National Identification.

That by allowing the National ID Project, which is manned by the UPDF to take charge of the voter register update, the Electoral Commission reneged on performing its cardinal principal, thus severely undermining its independence.

Therefore Mao wants court to compel EC re-instate the voters register utilized for the 2011 General elections as the proper register to be used for the 2016 General elections.

He also requests that in the interest of justice, constitutionalism and the rule of law, his petition be heard expeditiously and his prayers be granted.

February 02 2016