M7 warns ministers & govt officials against living luxurious lives

President Yoweri Museveni says ministers and other Government officials should stop luxurious lifestyles noting that such fuels corruption and other financial challenges.

Delivering the state of the nation address, Museveni noted that ministers and Government officials have become beggars as they struggle to meet the high standards with many of them approaching foreigners for favors.

He stresses that this is unacceptable

He insists that the NRM system will eliminate corrupt officials and those who misuse public resources.

Museveni warns that those who stole 4 trillion shillings as established by the commission of inquiry into UNRA will be prosecuted.

In the meantime,

President Yoweri Museveni says all applications for investments in Uganda should now take only two days to be approved saying any delays will attract punishment

Mr. Museveni says that delaying projects has become a conduit for corruption yet it frustrates investments which would have created jobs and more revenues

May 31 2016