M7 attacks politicians blocking trade & relations by regional leaders

President Yoweri Museveni says it is illogical for politicians and bureaucrats in the East African Community to continue blocking progressive trade and political deals that are negotiated by regional leaders.

Museveni’s remarks are a direct reference to Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga and his ODM support base that are openly critical of Kenya’s plans to import Ugandan Sugar.

Museveni says the East African community is littered with bureaucrats that are slowing down integration by taking years to conclude negotiations on trade deals that would improve people’s lives.

He stresses that any efforts to antagonize progress is a waste of time.

Museveni says the people must be motivated and encouraged to engage in production to help families get out of poverty.

He attacks politicians who are more preoccupied with getting political power instead of helping indigenous people out of poverty.

For his part, EALA Speaker Dan Kidega says the East African states must fast track the monetary union and political federation which he says will make East Africa stronger.

He gives assurances that EALA will deliver on the Assembly’s commitments to the East African people although he calls on the heads of state to improve on the speed at which they sign bills passed.

August 24 2015