Kazinda’s mother dragged to high court

The Mother of jailed former Principle Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister Geoffrey Kazinda, has been dragged to the High Court for failure to pay instruction fees amounting to 230 million shillings to a city lawyer Anthony Wameli.


Court documents indicate that in 2013, Teopista Nanfuka instructed Wameli to file a case on her behalf against government, in order to recover 22 billion shillings worth her property which was confiscated during a search by police, while conducting investigations about her son Geoffrey Kazinda.


Wameli says he filed the case and its currently pending hearing before Justice Yasin Nyanzi , but in the middle of proceedings, Nanfuka withdrew instructions from him and gave them to another law firm of Omongole and company advocates.


Wameli contends that he never received his legal fees and several demand notices from Nanfuka have been ignored prompting him to petition court.

Story by

Veronica Kayaga

May 05 2015