Kaweesi murder suspect lawyer speaks out on new arrests

Human rights lawyer also representing suspects in the Murder of AIGP Felix Kaweesi says the arrest of suspects by gunmen after being released by court signals a breakdown of the rule of law.

This after Security agents in plain clothes re-arrested Shaban Senfuka and Umaru Maganda suspects in the murder of Kaweesi

Ladislous Rwakafuzi says this is contempt of court noting that government should have opened up new cases if it is not content with the court’s decision

Rwakafuzi also urges security agencies should respect human rights

Meanwhile, Opposition Democratic Party constitutes a team of lawyers to investigate arrests carried out by the army thereby usurping the powers of the police force.

Democratic Party Spokesperson Kenneth Paul Kakande says the team will come up with a final report

He notes that the party will not hesitate to drag the Uganda People’s Defence Force and the Attorney General to court for carrying out illegal arrests.

November 08 2017