IGP defends clobbering of Besigye supporters

The inspector General of police defends the act of police officers captured on video clobbering Dr. Kizza Besigye’s supporters as they cheered him on his way to his Kasangati home.

This week, police officers were seen beating up Besigye’s supporters along KLA streets- an act that has sparked public out roar.

Addressing the press at police headquarters in naguru today, Kale Kayihura instead applauds the officers for the act saying it prevented what he calls rowdy supporters from hitting the streets in procession.

He also adds that beatings are a way of minimizing the use of teargas.

 Former FDC Presidential candidate says Police is acting as an organized criminal gang accusing senior police officers of individually perpetrating crimes against citizens.

Besigye says the sight of senior police officers holding clubs and whipping people is sickening and warns that those officers will individually be held accountable.

He however gives credit to junior police and other security officers whom he says privately opposed to the actions of their seniors.

Story by

Jude Mutaawe &

Jude Bukenya

July 15 2016