IGG to track down anyone implicated in UNRA report

The inspectorate of Government says it will use international security agencies to track down anyone involved in the loss of 4 trillion shillings in the UNRA scam as it embarks on carrying out further investigations as recommended by the commission of inquiry.

The commission of inquiry into UNRA established that within 7 years up to 4 trillion shillings was misappropriated because UNRA did not construct the roads it should have yet the funds cannot be accounted for

The commission recommended that up to 90 people be investigated further including contractors with a view of prosecuting them and recovering the money

Anti-corruption activists are however concerned that some suspects could easily leave the country given the colossal sum of money involved frustrating plans to prosecute and recover the money

However, the spokesperson of the inspectorate of Government Ali Munira tells Radio one that they will still find anyone involved using international connections including the FBI and Interpol

May 27 2016