Healthy seedlings, key to better yields- Agriculturalists

Agriculturalists recommend that farmers adopt the use of healthy seedlings to avoid diseases that attack vegetables and also reduce the use of pesticides by up to 70% hence realizing improved yields.

Healthy seedlings are raised in green houses before being transplanted. They grow fast and strong compared to ones that grow in ordinary nursery beds since the latter are disease free and have built immunity against pests and diseases.

It’s against this background that International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and partners has been rolling out a three year health seedling systems project in several parts of the Country

IITA Country Director Peter Ebanyat says this system will help deliver solutions that will transform agriculture, address food insecurity, poverty and promote youth agri-preneurship.

Speaking during healthy seedling expo in Gayaza, Ebanyat says a number of farmer groups have adopted the system and helped them set up employment opportunities and improve their yields.

06 August 2018

Story by

Wycliffe Sebunya