Halt Registration for National IDs-Opposition


The opposition wants the registration process for the national IDs halted saying it is illegal and designed to help the NRM rig the next election.

Addressing a joint press conference at parliament, the opposition politicians Kizza Besigye, UPC party president Olara Otunnu, FDC president Olara Otunnu said there is no legal provision under which the registration is being carried out, and that the powers of the electoral commission to register voters are being usurped.

In a statement read out by UPC president Dr. Olara Otunnu, they revealed that the opposition has drafted a bill that will soon be tabled in parliament to provide the required legal framework.

Former FDC president Dr. Kizza Besigye was skeptical about the involvement of security agencies, whom he says are now partisan, and  only focus on those who will be ready to vote in 2016, and yet registration is supposed to be continuous according to international standards.

He insists that this is connected to plans to rig the elections.

Story by

Kenneth Lukwago