Gov’t urged to provide methadone & nelaxone for drug users

Health rights activists demand that government avails Methadone and Nelaxone drugs which are administered to drug abusers and addicts.

Methadone is a drug administered to drug addicts to help them overcome the addiction whereas nelaxone is administered to people who take overdose of the drugs

Now this concern comes as police in Tororo, Mbale and Masindi this week rounded up dealers in drugs and drug abusers

The co-ordinator Global fund regional harm reduction program Gracious Atwiine shows concern that people arrested while abusing drugs are taken to Butabika hospital which does not have the required medication for these people to get over the addiction

Atwiine says these drugs are crucial in dealing with the problem of drug abuse which is very common among some Ugandan youth

This in an interview with Radio One/ Two