Government urged to prioritize Kalar-Azar treatment-

Medical practitioners in the fight against Kala-azar cite the need for training of more medical personel in its handling and treatment.

Kala-azar is a disease spread through bites from sand flies mostly found in arid and semi arid areas. İt is considered amongst the 17 neglected diseases by the World Health Organisation mostly affecting people living in poverty with little or no purchasing power.

İt is characterized by regular bouts of fever, weight loss, swelling of the spleen or liver, malnutrition and anemia mostly affecting males with 60% being children under the age of 15.

The most affected parts of Uganda are Amudat, Pokot areas and Karamoja region with 80-200 cases reported at the country’s only treatment centre- Amudat hospital since 2014.

The Director Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative Dr. Monique Wasunna urges government to formulate policy on the treatment of the disease because the victims are often too poor to afford treatment that ranges between 30-60 euros approximately 110,000-220,000 UGX  for children and adults respectively.

Story by

Leah Kahunde