Former Crane Bank staff want compensation from BOU, DFCU

By Eve Namugabi

Over 400 former Crane bank employees have threatened to sue Bank of Uganda and DFCU bank on grounds that they were illegally sacked from work after the takeover Crane bank by DFCU.

Bank of Uganda cleared the takeover of crane bank by DFCU in 2017 with one of the condition to retain the employees of Crane bank which they bleached after the merger which left over 400 people without employment.

Addressing the media at hotel Triangle through their legal adviser Isaac Ssemakadde they demand that they get paid 120 million shillings each sacked employee giving a 45 days timeline for both parties to settle the matter.

They argue that failure for the parties to honor the demand they will continue and pursue the matter to courts of law.

Meanwhile the same employees petitioned the Executive director Financial Intelligence Authority Sydney Asubo asking for the investigation of DFCU managing director and his executive on money laundering.

They want the Authority to use the Anti money laundering act to investigate on the accumulated funds possessed by the DFCU executives starting from their top boss Juma Kisame.

Addressing the media about the matter Ssemakadde states that they are concerned about the statement from bank of Africa that disposed DFCU boss Juma Kisame with 40 million dollars.

He notes that investigations need to be conducted depending on the anti money laundering to find out the fact after the whistle blower helped to dispose this.