Environmentalists call allocation of more funds to climate change

Activists on climate change issues want government bodies to prioritize gender equity when allocating resources towards the climate change program.

Led by the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, they believe that Uganda being the basket for food security in region it needs collective effort to ensure that production is increased besides the climate change trend that affects it.

The Farming System and Climate Change Scientist Carloine Mwongera says that planning partners in the agriculture sector should not ignore the issues of gender equity if they are to ensure food security in the country.

Meanwhile the ministry of water and environment has adopted various strategies to enhance farmers resilience to climate change with focus at the ground level.

At a high level meeting with scientists over issues of climate change the Principal climate change officer of the ministry Bob Natifu says key among the strategies has been the improved delivery of weather information to the farmers.

Story by

Eve  Namugabi


Natifu says with timely dissemination of weather information, farmers are able to choose the best time for planting among other key decisions that can help improve their productivity .This at the meeting held at hotel Africana discussing how the country can boost food supply as it at the same time grapples with the refugee influx which has increased pressure on the country’s resources.