EALA to enact tough measures to combat human trafficking

The East African Legislative Assembly wants tough measures taken by partner states to combat human trafficking which has been identified as a key challenge across the region

The resolution of the house follows a motion moved by Ugandan representative Dora Byamukama in which she highlighted the challenge at hand with those being trafficked mainly unemployed East Africans who are seeking for opportunities abroad

During the debate, the assembly noted that human trafficking was among the new types of organized crimes being perpetuated by international syndicates running a multi-billion dollar industry thriving on human organ trade, slavery and prostitution

Byamukama moved the assembly to resolve that partner states step up joint security operations, come up with a harmonized legal regime on top of tightening immigration controls. But Byamukama also noted that the partner states must address the push factors including unemployment          

During the debate EALA members called for focus on peace and security saying the bad environment allows the traffickers to take advantage of the vulnerable groups such as refugees

The council of ministers says it will reflect on the proposals of the house and then find possible ways of addressing the matter.

The chairperson of the council also Ugandan state minister in charge of EAC affairs Shem Bageine says the region should also consider mass sensitization

Story by

Kenneth Lukwago

August 21 2015