DP & Govt speak out on opposition capability to capture power

The opposition Democratic Party president Norbert Mao wants the opposition forces to bring their strength together as they work towards attaining change.

Addressing journalists at the party offices, Mao said the opposition should stop undermining each other but come up with a formidable strategy that will unseat the current government.

But information minister Frank Tumwebaze says the opposition will not unite since they are mainly pre-occupied with ousting President Museveni and not tackling real issues

This in reaction to reports that the opposition parties and political pressure groups are involved in efforts to front a joint presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections

Tumwebaze predicts that a power struggle will emerge as the heads of the different opposition political formations fight to ensure that they hold the joint flag which will culminate into the collapse of plans for a united front

This as he spoke to Journalists at the media centre