Descendants of a Kenyan tribe The Maragolis blocked from Registering for National IDs

More complaints emerge about the ongoing registration for National IDs with descendants of a Kenyan tribe- The Maragolis who settled in Bunyoro in the 1950s saying they have been left out of the exercise.

The group comprising of over 4000 people mainly in Kiryandongo is not recognized as a tribe by the constitution but their spokesperson Eriasm Adoli says Bunyoro kingdom recognized them as a tribe.

Adoli says they have for the last 5 years applied to become citizens but all in vein noting that they have now been blocked from registering for national IDs.

But Kibanda county MP Sam Otada says in a meeting he held with the internal affairs, the minister said the Maragoli can only becomes citizens after applying for citizenship through naturalization.

Story By

Kenneth Lukwago